Solis Abogados
Studied Law at the Pablo VI University Study Centre (CEU), part of the Madrid Complutense University. After graduating, he took a Masters in Legal Consultancy for Companies at the Business Institute in Madrid, which he completed in June 1982.

He then went on to work for two law firms in Madrid for four years and took a six-month course at the ex-Banco Hispano Americano in the capital city before being employed by the bank and posted to Marbella.
After working there for two years, he joined a law firm in Marbella, where he worked for a further two years before founding the firm SOLIS Abogados with his sister in 1993.

He is a specialist in foreign investment in Spain, property law, civil law and inheritance.
Studied Law at the Pablo VI University Study Centre (CEU), part of the Madrid Complutense University. In 1983 she took a course at the School of Legal Practices, run by the Madrid Complutense University, coming top of the class.

Following this she worked for four years in affiliate companies of the SOCIETE GENERALE DE BANQUE, and in 1988 she joined the Madrid-headquartered Law firm Ribalta y Asociados as a partner, where she stayed until she founded the firm SOLIS ABOGADOS with her brother, Javier.

She is a specialist in corporate and company law, property law, civil law and inheritance.
The Solis Abogados law firm has a full team of professionals in charge of coordinating client services and bringing dynamism to the company.

We speak Spanish, English and French so that clients can communicate directly and effectively.

Our team:

  • Rosa Maria Fernández Iglesias: Legal assistant. Has been with the firm since its foundation.

  • Maria Peña: Executive secretary.

  • Jose Frias: The firm’s administrative and financial manager.

  • Cristina de Sola: Administrator in charge of corporate consultancy.

  • Esperanza Rudolphi: Administrator in charge of direct debit orders and contracts.

  • Paqui Sánchez: Receptionist and in charge of the filing system.

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